what is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is our natural ability to be fully present in a given moment, fully alive and aware. Mindfulness is a skill that can be learned and cultivated within us.

Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally.
— Jon Kabat-Zinn

How can practicing mindfulness help me?

Our minds are often stuck in the past. Or worried about the future. However, life is only happening in the present, in the here and now. We are alive, but sometimes we forget this. Mindfulness brings us to the present moment, where we can live our lives deeply. For example, we can drink tea mindfully, walk mindfully, watch the sun rise and set mindfully, more attuned to the beauty and peace in life.  Regular mindfulness practice, incorporated into your daily life, can help counter depression, stress, and anxiety, and promote emotional growth and healing.

mindfulness techniques

  • meditation

  • breathing exercises

  • mindful immersion

  • body scan

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)

MBCT is a type of therapy approach that combines cognitive behavioral techniques with meditation. Cognitive techniques include learning about the relationship between thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Mindfulness techniques include cultivating a greater awareness of the present moment, to consciously pay attention to your thoughts and emotions without judgment. In this way, you learn to develop a new relationship with them. Much of the mindfulness practice is conducted outside of therapy. MBCT is evidence-based and shown to be particularly effective for patients with chronic, recurrent forms of depression. 

empirically-supported benefits of mindfulness


Research supports many benefits of mindfulness, including stress reduction, increased relationship satisfaction, improved cognitive functioning, and less emotional reactivity. Studies also suggest that meditation and mindfulness may provide modest benefits in anxiety, depression and chronic pain. 

You are not alone. we can help.

At hope+wellness, we provide exceptional psychotherapy services to empower people to live happier, healthier lives. Our services are grounded in evidence-based treatments that suggest an important interconnectedness between mind, body, life experience, and wellness, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and mindfulness-based therapies. Our office is located in Falls Church, Virginia. We serve the McLean, Great Falls, Falls Church, Arlington, Alexandria, and the greater Washington DC region. We will work together to help you heal and develop the skills to live fully aware, fully resilient, fully peaceful, mindful, and alive.