Who We Are

Hope+Wellness is a mental health practice with a unique story. It was created based on our philosophy that hope can be found even in the most difficult seasons of life. We believe that people need hope and resilience to set goals and affect change, to persevere in the face of life challenges and thrive. Our approach is simple — we provide exceptional psychotherapy services to empower people to live happier, healthier lives.

Our Approach

At Hope+Wellness, we consider the whole person. Our services are grounded in evidence-based treatments that suggest an important interconnectedness between mind, body, life experience, and wellness, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and mindfulness-based therapies.

Our services include individual therapy for children, teens, young adults, and adults struggling with depression, mood, stress, and anxiety. We also specialize in working with women and high functioning individuals who are struggling with life, including career, relationships, and existential struggles, who are interested in taking their life to the next level and living at their fullest, highest potential.

Compassionate care focused on your needs

We believe that true emotional, behavioral, and mental wellness involves an individualized approach grounded in compassionate care. Our focus is on creating a personalized treatment plan so that you can receive the best care available to meet your needs — one completely tailored and focused on you.

We're honored that you are considering inviting us to be a part of your journey. It is natural to have questions, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any.

Our Philosophy

Connection and Purpose

We work from a humanistic perspective, which means that we want to truly connect with you and understand you as you truly are. What can be most healing about therapy is the genuine quality of your relationship with your therapist which is used to help you gain deeper insights into yourself.

This is what we strive for —

  • Compassionate care where you feel truly supported and heard

  • Authenticity & genuineness

  • Being sensitive to who you are and all the domains that have come together to shape your identity whether it be educational, family, cultural, spiritual, life stress, or other domains

  • Use of scientifically validated and research supported psychological treatments

  • Supporting you in understanding your experience in the world

  • Tailoring our sessions to meet your unique, individual needs

  • Supporting you in developing a new relationship with yourself and with emotional pain or suffering

  • Helping you gain insight into your patterns and tendencies to develop healthier coping strategies

  • Helping you grow and actualize into your highest self

  • Exploring what your unique values and strengths are to build a fulfilling life of meaning and purpose

What Makes Us Different

We believe that therapy has the power to transform the lives of both clients and their therapists. We are committed to delivering a high level of personal care. This is how health and wellness should be: exceptional, transformational — being truly cared for, with high intention and detail. This is no ordinary psychotherapy practice. We strive to provide the highest quality of care in a compassionate and sensitive manner, built upon a genuine relationship between you and Dr. Victoria. The number of clients at our practice is limited so that each person can exclusively receive a high caliber of care. Clients at our practice also enjoy direct access to Dr. Victoria, virtual care options, an online patient portal, and longer appointments.

Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Bringing hope to those affected by depression and anxiety

We are fueled by the desire to bring exceptional care and support to people struggling with depression, mood, anxiety, stress, and life adjustment. hope+wellness was created by Dr. Victoria Chialy Smith whose own family's struggle with bipolar disorder inspired her to create a place for others whose lives have been impacted by the darkest of moments, to bring hope and elevate their best lives.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to improving the emotional health of women, children, teens, and adults affected by depression, mood, anxiety, stress, and adjustment during periods of their lives when and where they need it the most. 

Our Vision

Lives of hope, meaning, and wellness for women, children, teens, and adults struggling with depression, mood, anxiety, stress, and life adjustment. 

Our Values

  • passion

    • We are fueled by a desire to bring hope to those affected by depression, mood, anxiety, stress, and life adjustment.

  • service

    • We serve others and work to strengthen mental health in all we do, enriching and caring for the lives of people in our community and the world. We believe in promoting wellness in our greater community.

  • harmony

    • We work together with children, teens, parents, psychiatrists, schools, and other health providers to reduce symptoms and increase support and understanding.

  • quality

    • We strive for exceptional world-class quality, pushing beyond the current evidence-base to the leading edge of clinical training and innovation. We’re committed to providing a high quality atmosphere to our clients and our team.