understanding teens


The teen years can be challenging. Sometimes teens feel misunderstood, alone and confused as they begin to navigate a complex world and the many changes and transitions in their minds, bodies, and lives.

Teens who excel academically may also experience an enormous amount of pressure to succeed, and struggle with issues of perfectionism and giftedness. 

Like adults, children and teens can experience depression. Symptoms can vary from child to child, but may include changes in sleep and appetite, sadness that persists, and lack of motivation or interest in activities that they used to enjoy. 

The teen years are also filled with increasing pressure and stress — whether academically or through life events and transitions. Stress in turn, may contribute to feelings of greater depression and anxiety. 

Stress and life transitions teens may face

Teens struggling with mood, anxiety, and stress can experience significant difficulties in family life, academic and school functioning, with consequences often extending into young adulthood and over the course of their lives.

The good news is that mood, anxiety, and stress disorders in preteens and teens are very treatable with the right therapies. Many teens don't know how to deal with stress, anxiety, and depression quite yet and benefit greatly from support and an outlet to safely discuss topics they are working through. Seeking therapy early can be extremely helpful, significantly improving your teen’s quality of life, with long term impacts on their health and development.



Teens have unique cognitive and emotional needs when it comes to therapy. You may also find that your teen is wary and skeptical of therapy. This is natural. At hope + wellness, we engage their questions, concerns, and skepticism, cultivating an environment of mutual respect, connection, and safety. Teens also often struggle to identify, recognize, and to understand their emotions and experiences. We work with teens to help them learn how to process their thoughts and emotions and teach them healthy ways to deal with depression, anxiety, and stress. 

We are passionate about offering evidence-based treatments that are designed and found to be effective specifically for youth. Treatment approaches we specialize in include cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness and acceptance based therapies, problem solving, relaxation training, and stress management. We work closely with parents in order to fully understand their concerns. We will partner with you to evaluate treatment progress and to discuss recommendations to help your child follow through at home and reach their full potential in school and in life. 

Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.
— Albus Dumbledore

you're not alone. we're here to help. 

At hope+wellness, we provide exceptional psychotherapy services to empower people to live happier, healthier lives. Our services are grounded in evidence-based treatments that suggest an important interconnectedness between mind, body, life experience, and wellness, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and mindfulness-based therapies. We will work together to help you heal and develop the skills to live fully aware, fully resilient, fully peaceful, mindful, and alive. 

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